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All of Mitch's CDs are for sale and will be shipped directly to you, should decide to purchase. If you're interested, simply click on the CD art!

Use the music player to hear samples from each of the CDs.

Up From The Ashes
Up From The Ashes - (1012)
1 Up From The Ashes
2 Don't Know Where I'm Standing
3 Raw Blues
4 The Sun's Going Down
5 I Used To Drink Whiskey
6 Here I Go
7 Baby Done Me Wrong
8 Oh My My My
9 Big City Woman
10 Sure Don't Look Good In Orange
11 God Bless The Blues
12 If There Ever Was A Woman
13 Love Can Endure
14 I Will Survive

Time For a Woman
Time For A Woman - (2004)
1 Time For a Woman
2 You Don't Have To Say A Thing
3 I Don't Know Why
4 She Ain't Coming Back
5 Boogie Tune And/Or Play Me A Song Mr. Guitar Man

A Contribution to Peace
A Contribution To Peace - (1999)
1 Peace With Dignity
2 Yolocombaita (The Revolt Of The Corn)
3 When the Buffalo Come Back
4 Footsteps Of One Black African
5 Locks And Chains
6 Child of the Streets
7 Back Road
8 Lakota Lullaby
9 This One's For The People

Ain't No Simple Thing
Ain't No Simple Thing - (1993)
1 Grace of a Distant Dream
2 Ain't No Simple Thing
3 Working Man
4 Streets of the City
5 Guerilla Fighter
6 I am a Stone
7 Can You Feel It in the Wind
8 Peace & Dignity
9 Wa Swa Gon Song
10 Power in the Water

Indians - (1988)
1 If They Come in the Morning
2 What U Doing 2-Nite
3 Traveling Man
4 Washita River
5 Indians
6 Chasing You
7 U-Know & I-Know
8 Eagle Horse