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03/27/2013 07:02:21 PM


Ginny Hansen (neighbor on Congr)

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At your All My Relations gig last (Nov?), I bought three of your newest CDs, one for me, one for my friend in Chicago for Xmas, & one for the Feb 13 birthday of Dr. Paparella. The Paparellas liked it so much they want to buy 3 more ofyour other CDs. I told them you won a blues award. We would like two of the CD "'A Woman...", and can you suggest two more for them? One CD for me is my budget limit right now, but we all like blues, and Dr P put himself through college & med school with his band (Stan Kenton jazz type; he plays cornet & harmonica---not often now). You can just send the 4 CDs with Steve and I'll send money back with him (check OK?), or you can come over if you like. Call so I know to be downstairs please (651-224-0804 or 612-244-8538). I need to hand the CDs to Mrs. P at our meeting April 15. Thanks. Ginny Hansen (I think they, and another lady I know, would like to come with me to a performance, if you have one when they're in town. I'll try to keep an eye on dates for them.)