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09.05.2014 17:49:22 - Enrico Garp
Hello Mitch, I'm from Germany and we are friends on Facebook. Your Book reads well and I are happy to hear yur Music (I like espacially the CD "Up From The Ashes"). I wish you and your Family all the more...
09/28/2014 02:43:21 AM - Melissa Goodblanket
Speaking history..Speaking the future...through music and Song! A true vessel of Spirit. Aho Melissa Goodblanket
06/05/2014 10:17:37 PM - Paula
Hello! I just learned about you, and would love to know when you are performing in the Twin Cities area. Good Medicine! Paula
30.06.2014 17:29:58 - Cathrin Beckmann
Hello Mitch, I am Cathrin from germany. I saw you and Wade in Magdeburg - last friday. Thank you so much for the wonderful music! My soul was touched so deeply and my heart too. Many thanks for signin more...
29.06.2014 18:34:28 - Cathrin Beckmann
Hello Mitch, i saw you and Wade in Magdeburg on the last friday. Your songs touched my soul so deeply and my heard. Thank you so much for this wonderful concert and for your signature on the CD i boug more...
03/26/2014 10:51:57 AM - Jean
Best music I have heard in a long long time. Can anyone tell me where I can buy his CDs? I have tried CD Baby and bought the only 2 that they had. I have to buy on line as I live in Canada.
03/16/2014 04:47:46 PM - Panchita N. Beer
Hello, Really like you music, just happened here by accident, was looking up genealogy data. My mom, Beatrice (Rhodes) Bocock lived east of your ancestors, the Tasso family. They were very good frie more...
19.10.2014 07:54:08 - Olaf
Sorry, but if your CD "Up From The Ashes" really from 1012? ;-) I am from germany and i like your music.
03/27/2013 07:02:21 PM - Ginny Hansen (neighbor on Congr)
At your All My Relations gig last (Nov?), I bought three of your newest CDs, one for me, one for my friend in Chicago for Xmas, & one for the Feb 13 birthday of Dr. Paparella. The Paparellas liked it more...
02/04/2013 01:34:38 PM - JessicaMs
very good put up, i certainly love this web site, keep on it
26.07.2012 08:41:53 - Charlie (Penzberg, Bavaria)
Nice site, Mitch. Nice Pictures, beautiful daughters, lovely grandchild! Life has its blessings. Looking forward to seeing you and Wade over here in November.
07/12/2012 05.32.31 - DANILO
thanksssss a lot for the amazing concert and's been a good moment of live music and tradition...from my Ancient Native Soul, Danilo (Torino - December 6th 2012 - Hiroshima mon amour)
04/16/2012 12:32:51 AM - Hugo
hello dear old friend long time no talk... Im really glass that everything in life has been great for u. I was playing Basketball the other day and i thought about that lucky shot you took while takin more...
04/15/2012 02:14:38 PM - Retha Dooley
Mitch, I thoroughly enjoyed your music at the Indian Health Board 40th Anniversary Celebration on Friday the 13th at the Mystic Casino/Hotel. My daughter is a client at IHB in Minneapolis, she was b more...
02/16/2012 02:27:01 AM - Anne Marie Ianniciello
Awesome songs am ordering cd's Thankful for you and music. May The Red Road be smooth and peaceful for you. Anne Ianniciello and Woody Fields. Zeeland ND
02/15/2012 09:21:28 PM - Anthony J Ferguson
Your sound is an etheral blend of our native songs and interactive joining of today's manner of thinking. Keep it up , last I heard anything close to it was 35 years ago in the Okla. D.O.C. at Granite more...
15/02/2012 09:27:38 - Ria Oldroyd
Now I have heard your music I like very much - Thank you. Do you ever get to England? May your day be beautiful or at least have lots of smiles
01/05/2012 02:01:08 PM - doug Nemanic
Hi Mitch, I used to get a chance to hear you play when I lived in Minneapolis and I always enjoyed your music. (I left there in 1998) Recently Dennis Banks came to central Pennsylvania and I heard more...
22.11.2012 14:39:11 - Sylvia (bavaria)
My neighbor (he knows you personally) found out that I am active in native american culture/activities and we had a talk about his and my experiences in the past as well as we talked about the problem more...
10/23/2012 08:48:40 AM - Penny (House) Woodward
Mitch, I am so happy I found your website!! I have missed you, and especially our talks and your insight and guidance. It has been a long time since RMHH but those days talking and listening to you more...
07/06/2011 01:33:39 AM - carol atkinson-sullivan
I met you back in 1996 at a shop in Stillwater, MN called Native West. I bought one of your CD's and listen to it a lot. You have such powerful lyrics and messages. Thank you for sharing your gifts wi more...
05/29/2011 05:23:48 PM - Donna
Mitch, We heard you sing in St. Paul At the Black Bear Crossing many years ago. We were moved my your message and voice. Today you came to mind. We pulled out your Cd's and listened and enjoyed a w more...
04/30/2011 05:12:33 PM - iktomi
was the best singer to my ears when i was little and still is!
04/26/2011 05:30:09 PM - Lindsay Bolstad
Thank you for your performance at Minnesota State University, Mankato! This was my first time hearing your music and I am looking forward to hearing more and sharing your music with my family!
03/02/2011 12:58:36 AM - Arthur Manuel
Hope things are going well with you. Haven't seen you since Austria. Sun Peaks is still expanding and I am still in the struggle. Listening to your cd's. Keep on playing.
05/03/2010 07:53:05 PM - steve
Hey man,it was an honor & a priviledge to be your roadie @ the cedar!-You guy's were Smokin'!,see ya around.
05/01/2010 02:45:17 AM - The Other Wade
Hey, Mitch, it's been awhile. It's the Wade who was there when you sang "Washita River" back in the old days -- the president of your fan club. I'm so happy to see you and Wade are out there performin more...
04/30/2010 09:37:24 PM - Suzanne
This sounds silly but my mom would give her left arm for a t shirt with your name/pic on it. Is there such a thing? Saw you and band for 1st time at Cedar Cultural Center. Outstanding and powerful. Ha more...
04/20/2010 04:30:43 PM - Rhonda
Mitch your a rockstar, I will be seeing you perform this Sunday, and I'm bringing my daughter, And tell your beautiful wife Donna I said hello:)
03/08/2010 10:10:28 AM - Sandrea Smith
Boozhoo Uncle Mitch Longtime no see. I figured I would google your name and see what popped up. I am glad that everything is going good for you and you look good 2, I just had to see for myself how u more...