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He blew the lid off of being labeled as a folk singer with the release of his fifth CD, a blues recording titled, Time for A Woman that won him best Blues recording at the 2005 Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His greatest accomplishment to date he says is simply surviving and overcoming the obstacles placed in his life’s path. The love affair he has had with music definitely contributed to that accomplishment. “I’m still waiting for success, he says.” I’ve had a number of small victories along the way but no great battles have been won as of yet. To become an overnight success after thirty or so years in the business would sure be nice.”

Musical highlights have been first and foremost being able to get out a recording at all, much thanks to Boyd Bristow, the friend who produced his first two recordings that set the stage for everything that followed. In 1971 he watched Richie Havens, perform in concert in Tucson, Arizona and in 1988 shared a stage with Richie at a benefit concert for the American Indian Movement, of which he has been an official member since 1974, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Emily Kretchner, writer for twin cities magazine The Guitarist, wrote that “Off Stage people think of Mitch simply as a folk singer but on stage he is a musical explosion” a statement echoed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune who wrote that he was definitely a “true contender.”